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Danvers Youth Soccer

Training Program

General Information for Parents and Coaches

Danvers Youth Soccer (DYS) offers structured, age-appropriate training and game experiences to allow any child the opportunity to develop their skills as they progress through the program while hopefully developing a lifelong love of the game.

The Game is broken into 4 components that apply to ALL levels of play:

1: Technique: Mastery of the ball using various body parts (Dribbling / Turning / Receiving / Passing / Shooting / Heading / Crossing / Tackling)
2: Tactical: (Thinking part of the game / Movement without the ball) Decision making on and off the ball, recognizing width, depth, support your attacking role, defending role and understanding systems of play.
3: Physical: Players physical attributes (Strength, speed, agility, quickness, balance and endurance).
4: Psychological: The mental portion of the game: Optimism, leadership, commitment and overall attitude.

The focus points for each successive level related to these components are listed on the age specific pages so you may better understand and follow your player’s development.

----> Please download full player development guide HERE!<----